Suarez Discredits Football

Watching the very-talented striker Luis Suarez scoring and mocking the fans by kissing his hand, I thought: Is football after all, what I want it to be?

This incident actually shows that history is the only judge. The only one who will remember everyone for who they are and not from how many goals they scored, triples made, goals saved or titles won.

There is a strict line which you just don’t cross, no matter how much great of a footballer you are.

There are infinite examples of absence of fair play; from Thierry Henry’s scoring hand with France against Ireland, to Messi, Fellaini and so on…

Football is a mirror of society. Football is a way of living and if no respect is shown, it actually proves more for one’s character. The Uruguayan attacker and all likeminded football players should take minutes and think of the power they have in their…feet. Their actions are copy-pasted from all young ambitious athletes… They inspire millions of kids worldwide. Are these the kind of principles they want to pass on? Are they happy? Did Suarez really enjoy this goal? I mean, really, you want people listening to your name and first reaction being “that arrogant @#%@#$%, ironic #$%@#%”? Or “what a goal, what a player, what a character”.  This guy brings more trouble than goals. Ridiculously celebrating in front of David Moyes, racist incident against Evra, and who knows what else is coming.

Should I focus on his skills? No. His character does a lot more damage to football and to upcoming generations of players.

Miroslav Kloze recently scored a similar goal and he admitted using his hand. That is football. Or at least, it should be. If Liverpool wants to get back into being competitive, they should start by teaching several behaving lessons. I would be ashamed if I was a Liverpool fan tonight. I wouldn’t want players like him, showing no respect to one of the most historical clubs in the world.

Football, dear Luis, comes from heart. If you don’t know that, search deeper.

By Nikolas Hatzimichael

Nikolas is a European football expert and a Real Madrid fan.


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  1. cakand says:

    You do realise that after every goal he always kisses his hand, or his ring finger, as a dedication to his wife and then kisses the tattoo on his wrist as a dedication to his daughter, making this article and your judgement invalid and completely wrong.

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